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Everyone has a doctor within him or her; we just have to help it in its work.

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.

- Hippocrates

Our dedicated, caring practitioner, Siona, has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in: 

  • Counselling, Psychological Theory & Parapsychology

  • Human Development (physiological, psycho-social and spiritual)

  • Physical Health - Herbal Medicine, Pharmacy & Skin Care Manufacture

  • Spiritual & Energetic Healing

When you book an service with her, you can be sure that you will be getting an intensely thorough experience.

You will be getting 3 therapists in 1

But be warned... a healing with her can pack a punch!

Energy Healing Services


Mini Chakra Analysis for Children & Babies

AU$ 75.00 | 1 hour

Up to 40 minutes analysis & mini alignment and 20 minutes of verbal reporting.

Children and babies have developing chakras and their energy centres may reflect events from the womb or past lives. Children can't easily communicate what's going on with them, so this will give parents an insight into how your child or baby might be feeling and what they need from you, based on their chakras!

chakra cropped guy.jpg

Chakra Analysis & Alignment

AU$ 150.00 | 2 hours

This involves a full body scan of a person's energy centres from the Earth Star Chakra all the way up to the Soul Star Chakra. The Earth Star Chakra is a vital chakra point for every person and each person has their own unique Earth Star Chakra. In these sessions, you will be told what your unique Earth Star Chakra looks like and a rebalance and healing of the other chakras will also occur. Be prepared for some deep healing and shifting OLD blockages. This is very immersive and personal.

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Extended Chakra Analysis & Alignment

AU$ 195.00 | 2 hours 45 min

A full chakra reading and analysis of the 7 main chakras PLUS Soul Star, Earth Star and newly discovered chakras - Oceanic and Planetary chakras! You will receive a full analysis and alignment for any of these chakras out of balance. This treatment also includes a 30 minute internal body scan of any health issues that may need to be addressed. Full transparency is required in these sessions and expect deep healing to occur.

chakra cropped guy.jpg

Intensive Healing Package

AU$ 300.00 | 4 hours


- A full energetic scan and alignment of the 7 main chakras plus the Soul Star, Earth Star, Oceanic & Planetary chakras. 

- Physical body scan of any internal health issues

- A 30 minute psychological or spiritual counselling and guidance session

- Any necessary meditations, past life regression or inner child work

- 1 x Supporting Herbal Tea Blend

We strongly recommend you take the following day off work. Most people experience intense shifts and need time to recover.

Herbal Medicine & Magick


Magickal Health Consultation

AU$ 80.00 | 45 min

We no longer provide extensive holistic treatment which explores your full medical history. Our greatest power lies within reading the energy of your body, and giving you what you need based on your own energy! We will make up a magickal herbal blend for you and you will be required to follow a particular treatment or regime at home, depending on the information that comes through on the day. We basically give you a psychic reading of your own body and what it needs. We are all different and respond to things differently, so why not let me help you decipher what your individual self requires! Treatments may include herbal teas, tinctures, mineral supplements, hair analysis testing and basic dietary recommendations. 


Hair Analysis Testing - Adults & Children 6 years +

AU$ 250.00 | Tests for 950+ items!

Test over 950 sensitivities including: 

  • Food & Drinks

  • Environmental Sensitivities

  • Heavy Metals

  • Minerals

  • Vitamins A-K

  • Additives

  • Gut Bacteria

  • Digestive Enzymes

Includes a full 60 page report and a 2 hour session to thoroughly go through all your intolerances, explain what everything means for you and link deficiencies to your current symptoms. This reporting can be done in person or over the phone

Shadowcraft Services


Entity Assessment & Challenge Test

AU$ 120.00 | 1.5 hours

If you suspect you have an attachment, this is the service for you. The professional will perform an extensive assessment and explore your concerns and determine a “diagnosis” using various methods including interviewing, exploring environmental, spiritual, physical and psychological factors, performing the Challenge Test and using psychic channelling methods. The Challenge Test is a practical assessment to determine the type of entity attached.


Entity Removal

AU$ 100.00 per hour

This service involves the removal and extraction of any attachments or possessions. A specific method is used based on the type of attachment and the individual being affected. An initial assessment is compulsory before an extraction can be performed. More than one attempt may be required depending on the individual. This service is $100 per hour, and some individuals may need extra time depending on the attachment. Some people can have multiple attachments.


House & Property Clearing & Protection

AU$ 85.00 per hour


We will perform a thorough clearing of your residence or occupation, which involves a full inspection & clearing using relevant herbs, closure of any portals, banishment of negative spirits and followed by a high vibrational smudging to invite back in beings of Love and Light. A small house may take up to 2 hours to clear effectively, depending on the amount of activity encountered. This service is $110 per hour for all appointments out of hours.


Full Clearing & Protection Package

AU$ 375.00 | 4 hours 30 min - BY REQUEST ONLY


- A full assessment & house clearing up to 2.5 hours maximum. This involves a full house inspection & clearing using relevant herbs, closure of any portals, banishment of negative spirits and followed by a high vibrational smudging to invite back in beings of Love and Light.

- Passing over of lost spirits into the Light - up to 45 minutes

- 1 x Personal entity assessment for attachments - up to 1 hour

- Guidance & tools to keep your home and energy protected from future harm


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