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Solar Eclipse

Shadow Craft

There are 3 classes of people; 

Those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who do not see.

- Leonardo Da Vinci​

What is Shadowcraft?


Shadowcraft is the embodiment of "Light vs. Dark" & "Good vs. Evil".

It is Beings of Light going to battle against Creatures of Darkness.

It is the blanket term for the various kinds of Spiritual Intervention required when darkness bleeds through the veil and shows up as paranormal disturbances, psychosis, trauma or abuse.


Shadowcraft is a modern concept, but in history it was a responsibility entrusted only to the Highest Priests & Priestesses in Ancient eras. They were Keepers of the Light and Defenders against Darkness. In modern times, we are now known as Veil Masters.


Veil Masters see the good, the bad and the ugly. 

We can see through the veil and into the darkness. We know what lurks in the shadows. We can travel through realms and have the ability to visit past, present and future. We are psychic channels and can identify entities, creatures and beasts hiding in the dark. We operate at very high frequencies and are in direct contact with Gods, Goddesses, Angels and Guides. We can see through the manipulation and trickery of negative entities. We banish creatures, extract attachments, clear houses, reverse energies and save human souls. 

"Darkness cannot exist where there is Light"


"Veil Master" is a modern term for a Defender against Darkness, a profession authenticated and established by Siona, THE VEIL MASTER. 

Siona has been in battle against Shadow for 20 years and developed the doctrine of Shadowcraft so that others can access help and also learn this valuable knowledge which has been lost in history and ostracized in modern times.


Shadowcraft is not for the feint-hearted and only a small number of people across the world are naturally born with the gift of Veil Mastery.

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Image by Kimberley Chow

The Veil Master


The Veil Master is a spiritually gifted energy healer, channeler and Shadow Master of the spirit realm. She performs energy healing in a number of ways, extractions of attachments, house/property clearing and more. She can connect to past lives, look into Soul Contracts and access information from the Akashic Records. The Veil Master is the only qualified and experienced Shadowcraft expert on the globe (see



If you feel that your house is haunted, that you are being taunted by something or having unusual things happen around you, then the Veil Master is the one to contact. Most priests will not help with exorcisms these days, and this is where she does what needs to be done. Don't ever think that when "weird stuff" happens, that it is your Guardian Angels speaking to you. This is not always the case. Anything that doesn't make sense (like erratic animal behaviour, shadows, smoke and haze, things being moved around the house, electrical disturbances, scratchings or marks on walls) - these ARE NOT friendly to you. DO NOT invite them in!

Signs that you might have an Unwanted Visitor or Attachment:

The Veil Master has helped close energy portals within houses, cleared attachments from people which have been present for over 50 years, helped souls enter the light, banish evil creatures, break blood-pact curses/soul contracts and have even dealt with demonic possession! Yep... this actually happens...


Aura Cleanse: $15

Every day stress can de-harmonize our energy fields. Negative energies tend to cling to us when we are down and will feed off of it. Feel lighter and less troubled after an aura cleanse. Only available at our Shoppe in Royal Park - or at Carpe Diem in Port Adelaide from July 2022 onwards.

House Clearing: $75 per hour (after hours $100 per hour)

Additional charges may apply depending on travel and time spent clearing. Allow approximately 2 hours for a standard 3 bedroom house. 

Attachments, Troubled Spirits and Negative Entities: 

This is our specialty. Each case is different. Let us know your story and we can help you from there. 

If you feel that you have something negative attached to you, are hearing strange sounds in your house, feel overly anxious/depressed/angry for no reason or feel a shift that doesn't feel right, you may be the prey of something nasty. 


Step 1: Book an Assessment to determine what is going on and whether you have an attachment. Initial Assessment is $55, or Initial Assessment with the Challenge Test (highly accurate and recommended) is $75.


Step 2: Allow one week between first consultation and the next step. We may need to explore further or we may be able to perform the banishment within that time frame. The process is quite involved and depends on the information at hand. Some cases however, will call for an immediate Extraction. The cost for this is between $100 and $150 depending on the work involved.

  • Lights flickering

  • Strange smells or shadows

  • Bulbs needing constant replacement

  • Batteries constantly going flat

  • Objects being moved

  • Strange sounds/noises

  • Feeling a presence

  • Hearing voices     

  • Changes in child and animal behaviour

  • Photographic Evidence / Media / Video / Surveillance 

  • Temperature changes

  • Feeling angry or sad all the time 

  • Violent behaviour

  • Unexplained physical pain that won't go away    

  • Appearing distant or lacking empathy

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Sleep issues, nightmares and sleep paralysis

  • History of trauma or abuse

  • Feeling out of control and inability to break habits

  • Hearing someone else talking

  • Ancestral/family interference

  • Possessing spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance


Check out our SERVICES page for a comprehensive list of what we offer

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